Thursday, August 16, 2012

Under That Marina Sun

Lately we've been having some good weather. It's been predominantly dry and the last few weekends have been insane. It was pretty hot on Saturday and Sunday, yet staying indoors and recuperating from the work week was not something I wanted to do on this particular Sunday afternoon. I was in the mood to ride. I decided early in the morning that I was going to ride out to Boston Harbor Marina because I have a close friend who works out there and I thought I'd surprise her and enjoy the ride and the super nice weather all at the same time. Killing hella birds with one stone. You know.

The ride out there is about an hour, give or take a few minutes and there are lots of ups and downs on the route I usually take up there. It's a pretty good ride, with some interesting views along the way as well.

I semi-successfully surprised her, and coincidentally arrived at the marina only a short while before she went on lunch break. Good stuff. I got to sit around listening to the flight attendant-esque safety procedures as she sent kayak after kayak out onto the Sound. It was actually quite interesting, and I learned at least how to properly get back into a kayak once I've capsized, using the hand pump to then remove water from inside. Useful information, no doubt.

I stayed the afternoon on the docks, enjoying the time I spent interrupting the flow of her work...and I also got some reading time in (though mostly soaking in the view and relaxation). I ended up spending my entire day there and by then, the last thing I was in the mood for was riding home. It seemed that I stayed for so long only to prolong the time before the inevitable ride back home after sitting in the sun all day. However, I got lucky and tagged along with my friend in her car back towards home.

The marina was a great destination at the end of a satisfying, yet simple, ride. If you haven't been before, I recommend it to anyone! Riding home from downtown was a night cap of exertion for the day. I slept great that night, feeling fully satisfied with my weekend.

Good weather, good times!

- RideaBicycle

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