Saturday, September 10, 2011

Product Review: Chicago WIG Super Street Strap

I read about these in Urban Velo and was amazed to find a strap that was 3 inches wide. I quickly did some research and decided to invest in a pair. They're hand-made and the strap is heavy duty polypro webbing with ballistic velcro closure.
I wanted more of a secure set up on my bike but I wasn't finding the right thing. I have been looking around at stirrups for a while but the 2 inch width never felt like enough. I tried making my own a while back with a larger width but the material didn't work out.
These stirrups are great. I can enjoy a much more comfortable ride and I have a substantial amount of control when skidding, stopping, decelerating or accelerating.

They are most compatible with pedals that have wide spaces (for the straps to go through) which tend to be BMX pedals. I found the Steve Hamilton pedals and with the WIG straps, they make a solid combination.
If you want more control and a solid feet to pedals connection, whether it's for straight riding, tricking, or anything else, these straps are a superb choice. I can actually say that they have changed the way that riding feels and for the better.
Find them here at the Chicago WIG website.

- RideaBicycle

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Anonymous said...

Are there some possible rear fender choices you could review ? The one on Basie's bike looks interesting. Mr. MuddySplatterBack