Friday, August 10, 2012

Product Review: ISM Adamo Prologue saddle

First of all, I will start by saying that this saddle and it's relatives created by the ISM team may save your future. I am not being dramatic in any sense of the word. Bicycle saddles have been known to subtly cause a variety of issues regarding the functions of the reproductive organs. The traditional nosed saddle has a design that can, with time, lead to some gnarly realities. The perineum is a region behind the scrotum that consists of nerves and blood vessels. The complete functionality of this circulatory process is crucial to your health. The numbness that can be felt after a ride with a traditional saddle is caused by this loss of circulation and has short term as well as long term health affects.

Now I know that this may not have immediate affects, and to most individuals the issues are ignored for that reason. But I decided to play it preemptively and made the transition now rather than waiting until I can't feel my junk to realize there's a problem.

ISM has a number of models. Each one is designed for a specific riding style or form. For me, the Prologue was the one, designed for a track-like forward positioning.

The Adamo Prologue saddle, with it's noseless design, eliminates pressure on the area behind the scrotum and makes for an amazing ride. Since I've been riding with it, I don't get uncomfortable in the saddle. I can focus on more important things such as traffic and when I ride for a long time, and make a pit stop, getting back on my bicycle isn't a pain in my ass. The chromoly rails are easy to mount on just about any seat post system. There is a good deal of padding which has helped me a great deal for distance rides, decreasing the amount of soreness on my sit bones and the sloped arms remove rubbing on the inner thighs that occurs on traditional nosed saddles.

Now, I don't want to forget to mention...(since I'm sure you're thinking "who wants to have kids after 50 anyway?")...that this is not just pertaining to the health of your sperm production. It is regarding functionality AS A WHOLE. The act of performing any sexual activity involving your genitals is what's at stake here. Remember this. Functionality as a whole.

Setting up the saddle takes some time and patients. It takes a bit of experimenting to get the positioning right for your individual comfort. But the instructions on the ISM website are extremely detailed and very helpful, making this process quite worth it considering the benefits it provides. To give you the gist of it, this saddle will be fitted correctly if there is approximately two inches of saddle visible behind your bottom, and the saddle should be slightly below the point of being level if not lower.

Overall, I would not say that the ISM saddles are for cyclists that explicitly feel the symptoms I've mentioned. I believe that anyone from a casual cyclist who rides once a week or less, to the insane individual that commutes by bicycle fifteen plus miles to work and back should consider this investment. It could save your future.

Best of luck to those of you who choose to turn the other cheek.

This saddle has changed the way I ride, and the way that I view cycling as a whole. As it is a very important aspect of my life, I am stoked to have a saddle that amplifies my passion for riding.

- RideaBicycle

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