Sunday, August 14, 2011

Product Review: Nitto B-125 Steel

I got the replacement in the mail for the defective bars I had first received and they looked great. No screwy uneven shim on this pair.
The first pair I ordered had a defect where the shim was skewed 1/4 - 3/8" to the left. It was whack but since Ben's Cycle has good customer service I got them swapped for new ones. Compliments to Ben's Cycle! Check them out here.

The new bars are mounted on my bicycle now and they feel nice and balanced. They ride great too.
I definitely recommend these bars. They have a 152mm drop and a 92mm reach. It's not so intense as the B-123 but you still get a super forward positioning when riding the drops (depending on your frame's geometry). I find that the steel also feels better because there's some weight to it. I have some alloy bullhorns and sometimes it felt a bit feathery in the bars when climbing hills.
The weight of the steel feels much more reliable to me and they're not heavy enough to weigh me down negatively.


- RideaBicycle


Henry May said...

those bars look sweet! not sure if you've seen this website before...worth checking out.

RideaBicycle said...

hahah do you see how their little icon on the browser is the same as mine but in blue? That's funny.

Interesting site too. Got some cool looking stuff on there.

Anonymous said...

I love these bars. When my idiot friend dropped my bike, I bent them back. can't do that with the al lum minium. But they are heeeeavy.

Get bar tape bro.


RideaBicycle said...

I'm not partial to bar tape, actually. I prefer scratching them up with wear to hiding them under wraps. They're too shiny to be covered up.