Wednesday, June 06, 2012

URBAN VELO Issue #28

Urban Velo is a magazine, based out of Pittsburgh PA, about the cycling cultures in cities around the globe. They often discuss political issues relating to cycling laws, review new and available products that are always worth the read, have great advice for sticky situations, and have beautiful photographs throughout!

They encourage readers to make contributions of art and writing to this bi-monthly magazine and I was lucky enough to be included in their Issue #28, in the section of the magazine called I Love Riding In the City. This section focuses on experiences and stories of individual cyclists in cities around the world. If you'd like to submit something yourself, here is the online form.

This magazine is great because it is available to view online and with a year's subscription, the print version will arrive directly to your mailbox twice a month, on the odd months. It is also available in select bicycle shop/retail locations which is how I first discovered it at The Evergreen Bike Shop (TEBS) where I volunteer.

Editor Brad Quartuccio, and Publisher Jeff Guerrero do a great deal of work to make this magazine look great!

Go see Urban Velo for yourself! It's a great resource!


- RideaBicycle

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