Friday, October 07, 2011

Bicycle Maintenance Guide

A friend of mine recently showed me the bicycle maintenance guide she made last year and has been meaning to get put into print. It's called Olympia Bicycle Guide. I think it's super awesome and I wanted to share it!

All the work was done by her.
The illustrations that she did are incredibly tasteful and the detailed simplicity is informative yet not overwhelming. The content, of course, is informative. I'd definitely be supplying this guide in my shop, if I had one.

You can see the web version of the guide here.
Or you can see her project page with other cool and related stuff here.

If you'd use it, let me know and I'll pass the good word on to her!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Credit to: Chloe Stamper


- RideaBicycle


Chris said...

That looks like a really cool guide (I clicked through the web version), but I was surprised that it left out how to use a quick release skewer properly (or perhaps I just clicked through to fast?) I see a lot of riders out there who have used the lever like a handle, instead of snapping it down, they just wind it really tight...I have a new kind of bicycle quick release on my bike, that doesn't require any kind of adjustment, but for real beginners, I think it's something that's important to include - as important as patching a flat anyway. Maybe the 2nd edition could include it?

RideaBicycle said...

I'll be sure to pass that on.
Thanks Chris.