Friday, August 26, 2011

My Dad Visits From The Bay

With little hope that he'd be able to actually make it, I invited my dad to come up for a visit. Marlene was going to be on a road trip with her mom, and it sounded like fun to get a chance to spend some time with just my father.
He flew up from Oakland, CA last Thursday, less than a week after we started talking about it. The weather got real hot as he arrived and bicycle riding did not sound like fun.

This is what we did instead.

It was accidentally filmed with no audio, sorry.

We ended up going on a few rides when it wasn't too hot out but I didn't have a camera with me.
This was probably the most impromptu traveling experience my dad has had since I've been around. It was great to see him and even nicer to have him visit on such short notice. Visit again soon! Be sure to check out his amazing photography at!
It's always an interesting time with Bill Dane.

Cheers, Dad!

- RideaBicycle

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE OUR DAD!!!!!!!!!