Monday, August 08, 2011

Downtown Berkeley, CA

Bens and I went riding Saturday night to this garage downtown. The night wasn't too cold and the ride over there was decent.
We rode the garage for about an hour before the UC police started to catch on and as we were coming out of the elevator and around the corner to the entrance to ride through the garage as we had repeatedly been doing, a squad car was pulling out. We stayed on Channing and rounded the block only to find the same car lurking in the dark opposite the Haste St. entrance waiting to spot us speeding through the garage. We continued up to the corner of Haste and College as another UC squad car drove past. Since they were already looking for trouble, and we didn't want any, we called it quits just before midnight.

Clip from Benson's iPhone:

The ride back was super nice - hardly stopped the whole way and we had the streets mostly to ourselves.
The photos we got weren't great, but no matter.
I wish I had more time to go back before I leave the area Tuesday.

- RideaBicycle


Henry May said...

looks like fun! all i've been doing is running errands with my IRO...

RideaBicycle said...

It was, man. Wish you could've rode with us.
Errands are good but I feel that.