Friday, July 29, 2011

Olympia Riding

Every time I ride Olympia, I always see at least two different species of Olympia's wild life.
Now of course I keep my head up, looking ahead, but I also gotta keep my eye on the road beneath my wheels and it's at these times that I notice these creatures. Most of the time, I only have less than a second to realize what I saw until it's far behind me.

Whether they're alive or dead I'm not always sure, but either way it makes my rides more interesting.

As I was riding to work this morning I spotted a doe and her fawn off the road a ways, they looked up as I passed.
As I road on, I saw a giant dragon fly sitting in the middle of the lane and just before that I saw a frog - I'm pretty sure it was no longer alive because it was on it's back and looked a bit squashed, but anyhow, it was a good sized frog and I was this close to running it over when I spotted it.

Just yesterday as I was riding home from work, I sped past a butterfly on the ground in the middle of the lane and as I road on thinking about it, I decided to turn back.
                (Last week I was walking through the Evergreen parking lot and
                I spotted a butterfly. It was down in a crack, dead. But it had not
                yet been rolled over by a car. It looked unscathed.)

When I got back to this butterfly on the pavement, it was dead and so I decided to pick it up. I didn't have much further to go so it road in my hand.

It's great to be able to enjoy the combination of two things I really appreciate. Riding my bicycle and wild life (dead or alive). I love seeing things like this on my rides and I'm lucky that I do so frequently.

Cheers! & Ride safe!

- RideaBicycle

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