Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Will's Bicycle

My good friend Will Mitchel was gracious enough to take the time to send me some photos of his bicycle. He's got an old road bicycle which I believe he got from his neighbor - pretty sweet deal right?

Will rides a Trek road bike
Fork: Trek
Headset: Tange Industries Ltd.
Stem: Specialized
Handlebars: Specialized
Grips: Weinmann 610
Saddle: Avocet
Wheelset: Wheelsmith
Tires: Specialized
Crankset: Sugino AT
Pedals: Shimano
Cassette: Shimano

What makes you want to ride your bicycle?
One of the reasons I go on joy rides is that nothing compares to nighttime scenery when you’re riding. Even if it’s a cold, cold evening if I take a look outside and notice that’s it’s a still evening, clear sky filled with stars I just double layer up and go out into the night, not having a certain destination in mind. I’m a big fan of beautiful evenings so if I can get to see more places and at different elevations I’m happy. And I’m also just glad that I have a trusty bike to help me get there.

Do you have a favourite route when you ride? Anywhere you especially enjoy?
I don’t stick to one route for too long or I feel like I’m not challenging my “just pick a random ass direction and see if instincts lead me to my destination” trait. I tend to enjoy certain routes more than others but soon enough I want to see if there’s a better, even more scenic route. I’ve gotten a little tired of the city I live in, Albany, so now I venture deeper and deeper into Berkeley and check out their residential areas as opposed to ours. It’s rad to have a neighboring city with such promising scenery.

What do you fancy besides bicycles?
Another hobby of mine besides bike riding is studying Japanese, watching tv and playing video games. The dorky pursuits in life are those that seem to suit me best, so when I start becoming a fatass from the aforementioned admittedly lazy hobbies, I just hop on my bike and go wherever.

If you had to pick one place on earth, where would you ride?
If I could also rid myself of the fear that im going to die in a biking accident I’d say Iceland. If I had the most stable bike ever crafted by the hands of man I’d totally bike around the vast open land that Iceland provides. I’d tear it up on some random slopes, stop by villages and chat it up with native Icelanders (because of course in this fantasy I’m fluent in Icelandic), and see if any good Icelandic indie bands are up and coming. Seriously though, you should check out some Icelandic bands; they’re randomly good at music.

What’s your favourite part on your bicycle?
I’d have to say my favorite part of my bike is the grey grip tape my neighbor added on for me. I have a weakness for the hipster chicks that populate Berkeley so “Whoa, your grey grip tape goes great with your blue frame” is the number one conversation starter when I’m biking over there.

We all know helmets save lives, do you wear one?
I don’t actually wear a helmet, which is weird because at some point I want to grow my hair out and let a natural afro form. And when that time comes it might be too late for helmets that fit right. And yes, it is common knowledge that helmets save lives so in the name of safety and comfort, I should get on that.

Do you have any words for the bicycle riders of tomorrow?
Only these 194 words. In this day and age with gas prices rising and the distances people are traveling remain the same, at some point it might just make more sense to bike around and use public transport rather than using your car as your main vehicle. Over here in Berkeley I see lots of people riding to and from work. It’s cost-effective, healthy and gets the blood pumping. Also if for some reason you’re feeling lazy, drained and hungry I’d suggest you get up, forget about those munchies and go for a bike ride! I use a quick bike ride as a means of motivating myself to do the things that I know need to get done, but aren’t due to procrastination. Always look left and right; if you’re going to listen to music while biking have it low and be even more cautious. And remember: if you find yourself dining out a lot, maybe it’s time to cut back. A simple meal at home could save you six dollars or more. I know this isn’t really biking advice, but it’s just all around good advice. I mean, we all know restaurants are expensive as hell.

Yeah, restaurants will clean you out.
Thanks so much Will! It was great to hear your thoughts! And hey, next time I'm down in the Bay Area maybe you'd like me to cut your fork down a bit so the threads don't intrude on your stem the way they do now. Think about it, buddy. The offer will stay.

Photo Credit: Will Mitchel and Leah Abramson(shots of Will)

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